Ford and NextEnergy Announce Automotive Lighting Challenge


Ford and NextEnergy announce automotive lighting challenge in a lighting exposition which was held at Ford’s Product Development Center. Some 30 suppliers and would-be suppliers gathered to address the challenges.

This challenge including 4 parts. First is Featherweight Challenge, to encourage them develop greatest amount automotive lighting but less weight. Second is Design for manufacturing Challenge, to be easy for mass production by manufacturing. Thirdis Daylighitng, develop automotive LED lights that emulate daylight, And then the fourth is Structural Lighting, -Integrate LEDs and OLEDs into interior and exterior automotive structural components, such as seats and door panels. There also with an additional technological challenge is to develop more sustainable products lighting which be nice for the eviroment.

So, what’s the awards of this challenge? The prizes, provided from the state of Michigan through Michigan Economic Development Corporation and NextEnergy, will include up to $40,000

From this challenge, Ford will be benefit from it more than just products itself. They will also have a high reputation that cares more about the eviroment.

[Launch Time: 2014-10-21 21:52:27]


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