HK Polytechnic University developed a high-performance LED driver

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Electronics and Information Engineering researchers recently developed a high-performance LED driver, it enables LED lights more brighter and energy-efficient.

The new drive innovative adopts multi-stage PWM technique to power the LED light, compared with the current PWM and linear drives, this kind of technology improves the light quality and energy efficiency significantly. This approach is not limited to the LED driver, also can provide benefits and options better than PWM or constant current mode.
LED driven current is pulsed in traditional PWM method, not by DC. This drive current is fast switching in high speed that can’t be detected by human eye. Pulse current supply make the LED optical output is more easily controlled.
The research team established by Doctor Lai Yuk Ming, Loo Ka Hong and Michael Tse changed the PWM mode. The pulsed operation is redesigned the way of maximizing the light output while minimizing the thermal energy, finally reach higher luminous efficacy (lm / W). Dr. Loo Ka Hong thinks their technique could be saving more 15%.
Compared with traditional methods, it requires lower heat dissipation and smaller heat sink. This means the LED device can be produced smaller. Because of excellent dimming capability, the new PWM driver allows the manufacturers to produce a fully dimmed LED, thereby achieves as low as 0 watts dimming performance. This excellent driver can be designed brighter, more intelligent and more durable LED lighting solutions.

[Launch Time: 2013-09-28 23:09:32]


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