Osram Claims Lab-Produced LED Brightest Ever for Car Headlights

Osram Opto Semiconductors is showcasing an LED for car headlights, which the company says has three times the luminance of existing versions. The company notes that this single LED can provide a complete low beam. Whereas several LED chips were required in the past with the number dependent on the design and the type of LEDs used.

The company says it developed the new LED’s tremendous brightness using a combination of its ceramic conversion technology, its UX:3 chip technology, and high-current technology used in projection applications. Osram Opto boasts that future headlights could be much smaller with every lighting function smaller than a box of matches.

While currently the LED being showcased is a lab-based result, the company contends that a low beam unit measuring only 30 mm x 50 mm generating a 1400 lumens from a single LED chip could be a reality in just a few years. The 200 megacandelas per m² LED has three times the luminance of existing LEDs for these applications. It loses less than ten percent of its intensity even at high operating temperatures of 85°C, according to the company.

Like the company did with its Osram Ostar used in projection applications, the company soldered the chip directly to the copper. The copper allows large amounts of heat from the high-output LED to be dissipated much more easily. The company says that under laboratory conditions, the light distribution from the LED proves that it will meet the standards for automotive headlights.

[Launch Time: 2014-10-15 11:23:22]


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