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What is Linear Lights?

Linear Lights are defined as a line shape luminaire which distribute light over a more narrow area than other round shaped or square lights. They are long and are easily available as suspended lights, surface-mounted luminaires, or recessed lights. Usually, these linear lights use aluminium profiles with PMMA diffuser, and build in LED boards and drivers.This relatively simple design concept has revolutionised the way LEDs are used in lighting applications and in recent times, has become much more affordable due to the materials being more readily available.

Why choose LED Linear Lights from iLed?

. Design different shape according to clients drawing
. Pure Aluminium body has better heatsink and flexible
. Branded LED Sources LumiLEDs with high colour index, CRI82 or CRI92 for option.
. Famouse brand LED driver, Philips, VS, Osram,Tridonic for option. Flicker Free,PF>0.9.
. Low UGR<19 for Option
. Functions of DALI,Dimmable Emergency and Sensor for Option.
. Long lifespan 50 000 hours, 5 years warranty.


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What are the Benefits of LED Linear Lighting?

. Flexible and Highly Aesthetic
. High Performance and Versatile 
. Color Temperatures and High Colour Index CRI92
. Low cost-effective
. Long working lifespan

Where to use LED Linear Lighting?

Due to the flexibility of linear lighting the products are used in a wide and increasing variety of applications.  In the past, we used to see linear lighting often used in commercial spaces such as retail and offices however we are now seeing more and more linear lighting used in schools and even in domestic applications for ambient lighting.

What functions of LED Linear Lighting from iLed ?

All of LED Linear Lights has can have below functions for meet any commercial lighting projects,
. DALI - These LED Linear can build-in DALI Driver to meet any DALI 2 Lighting System.
. Emergency - 3 Hours emergency duration with self-test.
. 0-10V - Built-in 0-10V Dimmable Driver
. Phase Dimmable - Compatible with most triac dimming on the market.

What kinds of LED Linear Lights?

– Suspended Linear Lighting
– Recessed Linear Lighting
– Surface Linear Lighting
– Modular Linear Lighting
– Strip Lighting



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