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In-ground lighting can be defined as facade lighting that is done in the ground. It is also referred to as in-floor lighting especially when it refers to similar lighting done indoors. iLed uses latest LED source technology and buitl-in driver into the lamp body , and stainless steel body, strictly sealed process IP67 waterproof, also 12VDC or 24VDC input make these underground lights more safe, higher brightness and longer life for decorative lighting.

The installation of floor recessed and ground lights aims to create guide lights which highlight the paths in outdoor building and garden areas. They also make the most of architectures and greenery defining private and public spaces, reducing the size of illumination products whose light is only visible because their technical components disappear below the surface.

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 LED in-ground lights are therefore the best types of these lighting fixtures as they are able to produce the best light for use of the space with regards to tone and color rendering. They also have optimum light efficiency that guarantees a substantial reduction in energy consumption. The introduction of LED technology to in-ground lighting is in response to the need to combine energy efficiency and light quality. To guarantee top performance in terms of energy efficiency, unaltered color and lifetime.

In-ground lighting is popular with commercial accounts because a below-ground fixture is less likely to get damaged from activity around the light, including lawn care, as well as foot and auto traffic. In addition, it prevents theft. But the style can be right for residential customers, too.

While concrete, soft dirt and turf are the most common applications for in-ground lights, they are not the only ones. Wooden decks, as well as brick and stone patios and pathways, are also possibilities. In-ground fixtures are more work to install, but they may be your only option when the situation calls for a fixture that is out of the way of foot or auto traffic, or not visible above the surface. Know your way around in-ground fixtures, and be the contractor who is prepared with an option for every customer need.

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